Pascal Briggs

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The album "Island Of Lost Souls" is available through Tonetoaster Records CD/Digital and Mad Drunken Monkey LP.


"PASCAL BRIGGS has played in various punkrock bands over the years and has been mostly playing solo and acoustic whereever the road might take him. His heartfelt, dark, and bone- chilling songwriting skills get under your skin and take you to places you maybe didn’t want to go, but then you don't want to leave, you just wanna hear more..." Trinity Sarratt

Pascal Briggs walked the walk. Punk Rock until the end, excessive, always in front and until he reached rock bottom. He lost everything – his love, his friends and his music. And right when it looked like all is lost forever, he fought his way back into life and music. All alone equipped only with an acoustic guitar that’s how he writes, sings and plays songs about life. “Keeping it real” is not a catch phrase here. Pascal is the definition of real with all its depths and highs. And anyone who listens knows, this man is serious about it. His songwriting is for sure among the very best that alternative folk has to offer in Europe. At the same time he brings his stories with an intensity and power to the stage, that breaks hearts and heals souls.


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